Biogas – Biomass – Engineering Services.

More than 30 years of experience is our strength. As independent engineers, we work for the benefit of our clients, independent of any provider or supplier interests.

  • Consulting for the operation of biogas plants, as well as for sewage-gas installations.
  • Consulting and planning for plant optimization and performance improvement.
  • Consulting and planning of completely new plants.
  • Preparing and completion of plant documentation for new and existing plants.
  • Preparation of evaluations, studies and system concepts.
  • Performance of compliance tests and periodic inspections in accordance with §15 and §16 BetrSichV (German Industrial Safety Ordinance), but also according to §29a BImSchG (German Federal Emission Control Act).
  • Operator training courses according to TRBS 529 (German Technical Rules for Operating Safety).
  • Project management for industrial process plants.
  • Coordination of maintenance and repair measures.

The two partners, Anselm Gleixner and Stefan Reitberger, have experience in the field of anaerobic fermentation since year 1992.
In August 1994, the INNOVAS GbR was founded. Years later in 2008, the establishment of BMK-INNOVAS GmbH took place, strengthening our international services and projects.
In our company, engineers, technicians, CAD designers and business managers all work together. Additionally, we accomplish interdisciplinary projects with specialists from other fields of studies to be able to benefit our customers by applying the best possible technology and solution.
Besides the design of new plants, our task is also the optimization and performance improvement of existing biogas plants.
Our services are rounded off with sound advice, elaborated by current technical/economic studies, expert opinions, as well as with the systematic safety compliance of plants.


Stefan Profilbild

Profilbild Anselm

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefan Reitberger,
Managing Partner

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Anselm J. Gleixner
Managing Partner

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